January Minutes

Scio Memorial Library


19 February 2018

The concerns of a library board of trustees are:

*Finance *Policy *Planning *Personnel *Advocacy

Present: Belinda Thompson Excused: Deb Root

Corrine Glass Beverly Broach

Carol Bush Mary Zdrojewski

Gloria Miess

Carolyn Miller

Sue Moyer, Library Director

The pledge of allegiance was recited at approximately 3:35 p.m. and Carolyn called the meeting to order thereafter. The agenda was presented without change nor objection.

Carol moved approval of the minutes of the January meeting. The motion was seconded by Melinda. All were in favor.

The treasurer’s report was presented. Corrine asked to resign from the Insurance and Finance committees, and returned a volume of financial records, as shown on detailed list. Appreciation was expressed for her years of diligent and dedicated service. Problems with the New York State quarterly reporting were shared with the board. Acceptance of the financial report was moved by Gloria, seconded by Carol, and all were in favor. There was discussion about the proficiencies we hope we can find for the paid treasurer’s position we expect to create.

The director’s report was presented and discussion ensued. Carolyn will try to find someone who knows about holes in the ground. The report was approved by all upon motion by Carol, seconded by Belinda.

Remaining and important agenda items were tabled until the absent board members could be present, and further investigation of a treasurer candidate could be completed. Belinda asked to leave the meeting at approximately 4:50 p.m.

There was general discussion about the chicken barbeque and other pertinent matters.

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, February 26th at 5:00 p.m.

At about 5:40 p.m. the meeting was adjourned by common consent.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Miller, filling in