Meet The Board/Staff

An association library is a library that is privately controlled, but which meets the statutory definition for a public library in a given state of the United States. The association governing an association library is established for the express purpose of governing said library (i.e., a board is established for the purpose of governing the library; the library is not governed, for example, by a school board, which has other, non-library-related, purposes.)

  • President: Deb Root
  • Vice President: Carol Bush
  • Secretary: Carolyn Miller
  • Treasurer: Carole Wells
  • Voting Member: Linda Clayson
  • Voting Member: Donna Emrick
  • Voting Member: Belinda Thompson

Being a board member is a volunteer position. We are looking for more trustees and would be happy to have you join us.

Library Staff

  • Library Director: Raeanne Smith
  • Librarian: Julie Fletcher