Photography Service

The Scio Memorial Library is proud to offer a this free service. Our newest service is a photography backdrop area.

Program outline

The photography area in the library can be used by anyone.

This is a self guided/ independent program.

The Scio Memorial Library does NOT provide a camera, cell phone or any other device to take photos.

The Scio Memorial Library only provides a free space and backdrops for an individual to take personal use photos.

The Scio Memorial Library does NOT charge for this service.

Please fill out a Photography Reservation Form and the Photography Area Use Agreement, to secure your reservation date and time.

This area is first come first served and your date and time can only be confirmed by turning in all signed and completed forms to the library staff. These forms can be found here.

This service is not to be used for Commercial purposes, or to promote any outside products or services.

On the Day:

Show up with your camera or cell phone, bring any props or outfit changes you would like.

You will be able to adjust your lighting and take your own photos.

Once you have finished your session we will provide you a release form explaining the program so that you may take your photos to a photo printing place and print your photos.


This is a new program and we may encounter some issues. Please be patient and we will work with you and a photography printing company to get any issues resolved.

Do not hesitate to contact the library staff about this program or issues you may encounter. (585) 593-4816.