Children’s Programs

1,000 Books before Kindergarten: This program is for any infant, toddler, or preschooler not yet enrolled in Kindergarten. This program is very easy. Sign up your child and a coloring sheet will be provided to track your progress. Each page is for 100 books. Check out books from the library, color in the sheet and bring it back. A prize will be provided for your child and we would like to share a picture of them on our social media to help encourage other children. After 1,000 books we will again celebrate the accomplishment of your child.

Sample coloring page

Reading in the Gazebo: This summer on Fridays at 11 am we will be reading in the gazebo. Join us for an adventure through our six weeks of summer. Bring a blanket or chair. Be comfy.


4/2-4/4: Spring Break: Crafts and Movies all week

4/9: National Library workers day: Stop in for some treats

4/10: National Library outreach day: Read aloud tonight

4/11: Board Meeting 11 AM

4/11 National Library: Take action day Kids fun day 3:30-4:30 PM

4/16: Abstract painting 5-6 PM

4/23: Earth Day Planters 1-6:30 PM

4/24: Earth Day Planters 3-6:30 PM


5/7: Mothers Day Craft 1-5 PM

5/8: Mothers Day Craft 5-7 PM

5/14: Public School Vote Scio Central School Today

5/15: Flower Wind chime Craft 5:30-6:30 PM

5/21: Memorial Day Craft 6-7 PM


6/5: Wooden Bank Panting 5-6 PM

6/11: Rainbow Art Painting 5-6:30 PM

6/12: Fathers day craft 3-6:30 PM

6/15: Saturday: Carnival Day 12-4 PM

6/19 Metal Stamping 1-6 PM


7/9: Summer Reading Kick off Day!!

7/9/: Fish Windchimes 4 PM

7/11: Butterfly Houses 3 PM

7/12: Story/Picnic Lunch in the Gazebo 11 AM

7/16: Chalk Contest 3-6 PM

7/17: Sensory Bottles 1-3 PM

7/19: Butterfly House painting 11 AM

7/23: Clay Sculpting 3-5 PM

7/24: Clay Sculpting 1-3 PM

7/26: Story/Picnic Lunch in the Gazebo 11 AM

7/30: Monster Suncatchers 1-3 PM

7/31: Wooden Boat Painting 4-6 PM


8/2: Story/Picnic in the Gazebo 11 AM

8/6: Diamond Painting 4-5 PM

8/8: Flower Planting 5-6 PM

8/9: Diamond Painting 11 AM

8/13-8/16: Mini Art Show Painting Stop in anytime we are open

8/13: Water Marbling 3 PM

8/14: Cosplay Mask 4-6 PM

8/16: Story/Lunch in the Gazebo 11 AM

8/16: End of Summer Reading Turn in your Reading Sheets by 8/21 At 4 PM

8/20: Ice Cream Social 2-3 PM

8/21: Ice Cream Social Summer Prize Drawings 6-7 Pm

Summer Reading 2024:

Check back closer to summer to see what adventures we will have this upcoming year.

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